Bot compiler

We built Bot compiler, a schema to specify your chat bot's state management system. Specify JSON and leave the rest to Bot compiler. It manages the internal dialog tree and stack to handle user's switch between intents. It provides context switching and multi initiative dialog system (User and bot both can initiate tasks) out of the box.

How is this different from existing dialog management frameworks

No extra code required to manage context switching and dialog stack. Here is an example - Consider a pizza bot provides three services- ordering, checking status of order, checking menu. User first tries to order a pizza and just before confirming the order bot asks the user if any beverage is required along with the pizza at this point user decides to see menu and says show me menu(switches context). After seeing the menu, the user might say, yes give me coke here the bot has to traverse the dialog tree and figure out that user had left the context while ordering and that state was expecting a yes. This type of context switching is provided out of the box.

Quickstart - Pizza bot

Bot compiler for developers

I already have business logic, would like to scaffold a conversation UI asap! Bot compiler writes all the hard part of code generation for state management and backtracking of conversation during context switching.

Get started by reading the example schema and it's working here

Built for re-usability, flexibility, maintainability. Features analogous to control structures in traditional programming and classes and imports supported. Write the business logic using the extracted and information from the chat bot and leave the extraction to Bot compiler.

Read on to know more here here Developer Concepts.

Complex Gmail Filter creation bot built using Bot compiler here.

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